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Happy first wedding anniversary to Robyn and Vlad…you had a pretty busy first year; marriage, Robyn finishing medical school, moving across country…..whew!!!! You’re wedding was beautiful and we are so happy that we got to be apart of it.  Here’s to many more years of happiness and joy.



















Have a fabulous day,


At every consultation or when I introduce myself and say what I do….people ask how or why I’m a wedding planner.  So I thought I’d spend a little time here today to share with you why I LOVE being a wedding planner.  My career path towards becoming a wedding planner was a little different than many of my comrades…I came from the broadcasting world and producing high-voltage concerts and events  for every genre from Classic Rock, Pop, Soul, R&B to Alternative Rock.  You name them…I’ve probably seen them or produced a show. Fast forward to the San Jose Jazz Festival 1999, an an artist who I’m frantically trying to get on stage while managing 4 other stages, is trying to convince me take on some project of his…..a wedding. I did the wedding and I fell in love….but I like to research and figure things out, so I had to figure out if this was something I was good at  and did if feed my soul and my family.

I launched my business in 2002 and each and every time I booked a client, I thought…they are trusting me with THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY of their lives. I got to learn about them and what their aesthetic was, what they liked and didn’t like and more importantly, I got to know them on a personal level. It gives me such great joy to see them as their families grow with babies and dogs and cats, lol. They let me into their families for what started out to be a year or 6 months of planning and we each ended up becoming family forever.

I love helping my clients from beginning to end – from shopping for the dress, to referring all the creative partners that will be on her team for her wedding day. The wedding business is all about hospitality and service. My job is to make a dream a reality, listen to my clients, guide and direct them and assist them in finding their vision.

Being a wedding planner keeps me surrounded by love, challenges my own design skills and problem solving and probably keeps me sane.  After all the details and hard work, on wedding day, it’s about two people who decided to become one and I get to be there to help them do it.

Here’s to a fabulous wedding and a fabulous day,





The wedding industry is filled with all kinds of businesses….planners, florists, musicians, caterers, rental companies, transportation, venues, etc.  Each vendor has their own personality and style and operates their business in a way that is unique to them….what we all have in common, however, is that it’s a business.  We get that you’re excited for your wedding and you’re trying to put all the pieces together in a way that compliments your budget. But do us a favor, when you’ve contacted a vendor….and for whatever reason, decided not to book them, just be courteous and tell them.  They put in the time and effort to develop a proposal for you or a design plan or they are holding a date for you….by being forthcoming, you allow them to move onto other clients and opportunities.  Just something to think about.

Have a fabulous day,



One of the things I love most about being a wedding planner is the fabulous team of vendors I get to work with each season. I recently sat down with one of my favorite people in the world, Andrea Borchers – Director of Business Development for Wine Country Party & Events to discuss some of the hot new things happening in the rental market for this season and trending for 2014 +….Here’s what she had to say on some of the exciting things to come…..



Tell us a little bit about your background? Within minutes of arriving in Napa Valley, I knew where I was supposed to live….and work! I secured a job and moved from a farming region of Ohio to ‘The World Famous Napa Valley’ to further my career in the wine industry after graduating from Wittenberg University.

My first stomping grounds were at the tasting rooms at Robert Mondavi, but moved into management role at Franciscan Estates after just one season in the valley. My passion for events and customer satisfaction soon led me to accept the role of Events Specialist for Constellation Brands, where I oversaw the events for five wineries in Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

After more than four years with Constellation Brands, I decided to venture into the luxury hotel market, where I managed the corporate meetings and events for a four diamond hotel in St. Helena. My current position at Wine Country Party & Events combines all my experience from wineries, hotels, and event planning to ensure that your events continuously exceed your expectations!

Number of years working in the event industry: 7

What trends do you see impacting the rental market in the next year to two years?

One trend that has been brewing for some time is the increase in the number of orders placed closer to the event date.  Everyone, from the client to the event planner, is so time-compressed that the longer planning cycle of years past has become much shorter.  We have had to really focus on developing systems to facilitate these compressed timelines in an efficient and responsive way.

We are continuing to see increased price competition within the event planning and catering segments which has put additional pressure on our clients to do more, more quickly, and for less.  Some kind of industry reset needs to occur in order to see improved margins for all segments of the industry.


Do you think rental design mirrors fashion, and if so, what respect?

To a certain degree, this is true.  What we see on the runways one season, makes its way into home interior design the next season and, with any luck, we try to make sure there are elements of these design concepts available in our collections a short time following.

Color selection is highly influenced by both fashion and home design.  We look at the Pantone color of the year (2013 is Emerald) and we can generally assume that this, and other complimentary shades of green, will be a popular request for the upcoming season.

If there are bold colors, or a variety of rich textures, or a more muted palette that we are seeing in fashion and interior design, these things all translate into what we are asked for in our showroom.

Our market is somewhat less a “slave to fashion” than other market areas.  Most brides and grooms who come to our area for their weddings are generally hoping for a wine country look.  We’ve made it our mission to offer a deeper and broader range of unique wine country items than anyone else in the industry.  

What are some of the trends you see losing steam?

Happily, the preference for simple wood tables at events in lieu of so many of the over the top linens that have been prevalent in years past.  Brides are coming to our showrooms with inspiration boards in hand and a vast majority of them are showing lovely rustic wood tables.

Where does the company find inspiration and what sets it apart from others in the industry?

We would like to believe that we have the most current, unique and “on trend” products available in the rental market.  Our inspiration for new products and collections comes from many sources.  We certainly pay attention to current movies and television shows that often indicate style trends.  We also take note of celebrity fashion looks, what’s going on in interior design circles, as well as exploring home catalogs for those things we would love to have on our own tables for entertaining.

The timeless, chic, simple and authentic design aesthetic found for centuries in France and Italy are an ongoing inspiration for our wine country products.

Tell us about some of your newest lines this season?

We have a completely new grouping that we are calling the French Collection.  We’re introducing the quintessential French Café Chair in three different styles, a pressed glass dinnerware grouping, and some adorable (and very French) tumblers, along with a few other surprises.  These will pair perfectly with our Circa Collection from last season.  Within Circa you will find all of those special one-of-a-kind vintage rental items that will help you to create a beautiful and authentic wine country atmosphere for your event.

We also have a new French Farm Table with turned legs in a deeper walnut stain that has already shown to be very popular.

What are the key elements to a fabulous wine country wedding?

Relax, work with a a great team of vendors, detailed planning and a great attitude…afterall, it’s wine country!!!!

Thank you Andrea for your candor and insight. Here’s to a fabulous wedding season!!!!



{WCP Photos courtesy of Allyson Wiley Photography}

{Andrea is featured with her husband and 3 beautiful babies}


Trends…This year is all about going beyond the mason jar. Weddings should be unique and special….expressions of who and what the couple and families are. We are so thankful for BOLD clients who are willing to take this journey with us, who want to set a trend, not follow it and who aren’t afraid of color or the unexpected.

To my vendor friends, thank you for trusting in the vision and rolling with the tide….you each bring your unique and fabulous spin to things and that’s why we love working with you.

What we do, is from the heart and a creative space that may be hard for some to understand….but if we each do our fabulous best, it will be AMAZING!!!!

Rock On!!!!

Have a Fabulous Day,